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The couple comes in for a consultation. The Antenuptial contracts and each contract’s pros and cons are explained. We look at the parties current assets and future aspirations to see how this can be incorporated into the antenuptial contract. The parties are given options as to how the contract can be drafted. Numerous additional clauses that can be added to the contract are explained.  The parties now armed with this knowledge leave to discuss in private which contract they think suit them and which clauses they want to add. There is so much more to an Antenuptial Contract than the basic contract!


The parties after some thought instruct us on their decisions and the contract is then drafted according to their instructions . An appointment is then made for the parties to sign a contract  At this point after the consultation the parties will understand the contract they are signing.


The parties at all times deal with the Notary Public. Once the ANC is signed it is sent by us to be registered in the Deeds Office. It has to be registered to be enforceable against a third party.


The ANC may be registered in any Deeds office in South Africa regardless of where the parties reside. If you are living out of Durban and are getting married in Durban you are free to have your ANC drafted, signed and registered with us at any time prior to your marriage being registered. Our clients also come from as far as Cape Town ,Johannesburg and all over South Africa preferring our services.We have had couples come in the day before their marriage and some even on their wedding day!


**REMEMBER An Antenuptial Contract is a Notarial document and has to be signed in the presence of a Notary Public.



Tel : 031 4647073